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Master of Science in Financial Engineering

Financial engineering applies mathematical and quantitative methods to financial problems. This multidisciplinary field combines financial theory, mathematics applications, engineering methods, and programming practices.

Our two-year, online program offers 9 instructor-guided courses with a unique emphasis on applied projects and collaborative, peer-to-peer learning.

From Python and machine learning to the basics of financial markets, we teach and train the most modern skills. You will be designing your own trading algorithm before you know it.

Earn your Master of Science today without leaving your home or incurring burdensome debt.

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WQU now offers an Introduction to Data Science module. It is completely tuition-free and includes access to a ready-to-use Python environment.

Wizbang machine

This module consists of two eight-week units and equips students with the 21st century data science and analytics skills that are critical for high demand jobs across industries.

In Unit I, students gain a comprehensive introduction to scientific computing, Python, and the related tools data scientists use to succeed in their work.

In Unit II, students utilize the tools from Unit I to engage in statistical analysis with real-world data

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