MScFE Grade Conversion Tool

Details about Grade Conversions

As our program matures, we are working to align our standards with other U.S. based graduate offerings. Part of this process includes updating our grading scale to ensure that it aligns with comparable programs. As we move forward with these changes, we will be applying a conversion curve to all past, present, and future grades that will be reflected in your transcript.

Note that all grade designations will remain equivalent to the prior scale.

Once you have completed a course, your transcript will reflect the grade according to the new grading scale. For any grade in the old grading scale, the designation (Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, Proficient, Excellent) will remain unaltered:

Old Grading Scale New Grading Scale Designation
85-100 90-100 Excellent
70-84 80-89 Proficient
65-69 70-79 Satisfactory
0-64 0-69 Unsatisfactory

For example, a 65% “Satisfactory” grade according to the previous grading scale will now correspond to a 70% “Satisfactory” grade.

This change requires some careful technology updates that need to be integrated in the gradebook at the course/assignment level. Until this upgrade is deployed, you can use this tool to convert your grades.